2020 Weaving SABRE 6000M Drill.

Marque / ModèleWeaving SABRE 6000M Drill.
ÉtatUsed - very good condition
Capacité2 tonnes
Additionnel 2020 Weaving SABRE 6000M Drill 6m no till. 857ha. 4 rows of tines with tungsten tips, RDS ISOCAN with GPS foward speed monitoring, hydraulic depth control with wide wheels, hydraulic markers, post emergence tramliner, double rear following harrow. fold to 3m. A very smart example.

2020 Weaving SABRE 6000M Drill

.6m semi directe,


.4 rangees de dents,

.36 dents a pointes au cabure de tungsten,


.capteur de vitesse GPS.

.control du terrage par roues de jauge hydraulique

.jalonneurs hydraulique,

.kit traceurs post levee,

.double herse arriere,

.3m au transport,

.tres propre.