Current Wanted Stock

We are looking to purchase the following items. If you have anything on the list which you are looking to sell please get in touch.

Accord DL3 to 4m sfk or CX discs coulters
Accord DV hyd fold seeder6 to 8m sfk or CX discs coulters
Amazone Avantfront hopper with or without press wheels
Amazone sprayer mounted12 to 18m
Amazone sprayer trailed24 tp 48m trailed sprayer.
Amazone Cayennaany size any age
Brimont 8 to 24 tonnes monocoque trailer
4wd kit for Axial Flow tmust be poclain
Case IH Axial Flow Combinemust have a cummins engine
Claydon Hybridany size any model
Challenger MT 800 pto kitKIT PTO ( kit pdf) for MT 800.
Cousin Contour rolls8 to 12m vertical folding rolls
Daleany width, any model
Dalborolls and cultivator any size any models.
Denis Corn DresserD100 TO D201
FMA hoe inter row cultivator6 to 12 rows
Front hopperamazone avant, Kuhn FT, Carre, Monosem, Vaderstad
GAFORD ROBO CROP 6 to 18 rows
Hardy Master 12 to 18m fold sprayerHardy Master 12 to 18m fold sprayer
HORSCH AVATAR6, 8, 12m grain only, grain and fertilser
Horsch Pronto DCmust have muller box 3, 4, 6, 8, 9m
Horsch Sprinter4 to 12m
HORSCH Chaser binany size any age
Horsch Sprayer trailed and self-propelledany size any age
John Deere 740A6 to 9m no till drill
John Deere 750A3 to 6m no till dril
John deere 4350 SG2Must be very genuine
Kongsklide Vibrocrop inter row cultivator6 t0 18 rows
Kongskilde WingJet18 to 24m must very good condition
KRM Roger R600hyd fold 6m air seeder
Kuhn FT 1500 Front hopper with or without press wheels
KUHN AGT 6036 36m boom fertiliser spreader
Kuhn Aero 220012,14,15,16,18,20,21 and 24m
Kuhn Folding Power Harrow4m, 4,5m,5m,6m
Kuhn SD 3,4 & 60003 to 6m no till drill
KUHN micron granular kitfor Aero and AGT
Krm SOLA tines seeder 4 to 6m
KV Accord TS EVO 4 rows or 5 rows.
KV Accord TS Tines Seeder 6m4 rows or 5 rows,
Lebouch monoque trailerany size
lemken solitair 8, 3 to 4
lemken solitair 94 to 12M
lemken zirkon 10/600 KA and solitair 9-600 KA.6m power harrow trailed combination.
MANITOU 735 TO 741up to 6000hrs
MERLO telescopic loaderP60-10 and P72-10
Mzuri Pro drill Any size grain only and grain&fert
Monosem front hopper front hopper.
Overum Tive jet 812must be very clean
Perard Trans-eXpress Grain Transfer500T, 500R and 500T.
Perard X-Flow Chaser Bin Any size.
Perard Interbenne Chaser BinAny size.
Rolland Trailer drop side and monocoque12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24 tonnes trailer
StocksAg dual wheels 520/85R42 with or without clamps
Sulky SPI Solohyd fold 6m air seeder
Sulky/moore unidrill4m and 6m hyd fold
SULKY DPA XLT trailed fertiliser any sizes
Vaderstad Carrier CR. 3to 12.25m
Vaderstad FH2200front hopper
Vaderstad NZ NZA5 to 10 m any ages
Vaderstad Rapid 3 to 8m 2008 onward.
Vaderstad Rapid combi drill300c, 400c, 400M, 600c, 800c
Vaderstad Rexuis Rolls6.5 to 12.3m Cambridge or Crosskill.
Vaderstad Spirit Nextgrain only and grain and fert 3 to 9m
Vaderstad Tempo6 to 18 rows precision drill from 2012
Vaderstad TopDownany size any ages but must be clean.
Weaving Aguirre tines seeder4 to 6m