2017 Mzuri Pro Til 3T

Make / ModelMzuri Pro Til 3T
Capacity3400 tonnes
AdditionalGrain and fert distribution and split tank, front discs, single and twin coulters,

Mzuri pro-til 3T 3m trailed no till drill year 2017 547ha only. Twin distribution and  split tank for Grain and fertiliser. 9 coulters, spacing 33,3cm , 3400l twin hopper. Immaculate condition.

1.  front disc to cut through surface residue

2. auto reset leading tine ensures good root development and cleans the sowing strip of surface trash to produce a clean till of moist friable soil

3. Band placement of fertiliser below the seed reduces fertiliser requirement and ensures early nutrient accessibility

4. The staggered wheels remove air pockets and reconsolidate the tilled strips

5. Excellent soil to seed contact is achieved by hydraulic pressure exerted to each individual seed depth wheel

6. Individual depth adjustment to each of the semi-pneumatic coulter depth wheels accurately controls seed placement

7. Hydraulically operated adjustable pressure harrow ensures a level uniformed seed bed