2011 Vaderstad Rapid RDA 600S

Make / ModelVaderstad RAPID RDA 600S
Capacity2 tonnes
Additional3 rows staggered drilling kit with new discs and coulters, system discs, radar.

Vaderstad Rapid RDA 600S 6m 3 rows staggered drilling kit, year 2011 cereals air seeder. System discs as new , 48 new  seeding discs and coulters staggered on 3 rows for better clearance in wet and trashy condition. 24 cleated tyres offset, as new rear following harrow, new pre=emergence tramlining discs, post emergence tramlining kit, hydraulic bout makers, twin Fenix distribution seeder rollers, radar Control Station 6853ha. Rear axle have been rebushed, Extremely clean immaculate paint work for age.