2011 Vaderstad Spirit 400S next

Make / ModelVaderstad Spirit

2011 used VADERSTAD SPIRIT  400S NEXT  done 1533ha only from new.The pneumatic seed drill Spirit carries out levelling, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass all at high working speeds. This one is complete with CrossBoard Heavy and new System Disc Aggressive and optional Track eradicators kit. The large packer wheels consolidates the soil between the front tool and seed coulters. 24 doubles seed discs are OffSet to move the soil to the side and place the seed in the bottom of the seed furrow (16.67cm high clearance). The soil falls back behind the discs and covers the seed with fine soil. The seed coulter pressure is up to 80kg to ensure a good penetration. The unique TriForce rubber suspension gives a supreme ability to follow ground contour. To adapt to varying soil conditions, the coulter pressure can be altered from the cab on the move. 3740L hopper capacity, 12.5cm row width, 400/55×15,5 wheels equipement, Fenix 2 electric seeding system, monitor control sation, pre and post emergence tramlining kit, bout markers, following harrows. A very smart example thanks to its previous owner.